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Sajjad Ali & Zaw Ali” working on his new project Sajjad Ali Pakistani Singer New Music release “Ronay Na Diya” This Song Composed By Sajjad Ali  and Lyrics given Sudharshan Faakir Video Produced & Director Strings (From “Coke Studio Season 10, Episode 3“) Featuring Sajjad Ali & Zaw Ali Full Music Out Now read lyrics music label: Coke Studio.

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  • Song : Ronay Na Diya
  • Singer : Sajjad Ali & Zaw Ali
  • Lyrics : Sudharshan Faakir
  • Music Director : Sajjad Ali
  • Album : Coke Studio Season 10
  • Release Date : Aug 25, 2017
  • Country : Pakistan
  • Language : Urdu

Ronay Na Diya Lyrics

Rone waalo se kaaho
Rone waalo se kaaho
Unka bhi rona ro lein
Rone waalo se kaaho
Unka bhi rona ro lein
Rona ro lein

Jinko majboor yeh
Jinko majboor yeh
Halat ne rone na diya
Warna kiya baat thi
Kis baat ne rone na diya
Ishq mein gair the jazbaat ne
(Rone na diya, rone na diya)
Warna kiya baat thi Kis baat ne

Aap kehte the ke rone se
Naa badle ge naseeb (x2)

Umar bhar apki iss baat ne
Rone na diyaa..
Warna kiya baat thi
Kis baat ne rone na diya
(Ishq mein gair the jazbaat ne)

I don’t wanna say goodbye
Oh, let me cry, let me cry, let me cry
Don’t you know how it makes me feel?
Oh, such wounds will never ever heal
We are dying in slow motion,
What a way to end an emotion
A reality we never ever realised

Just let me say what I wanna say,
Or the pain won’t go away
You’re the only one, And I’m the lonely one

Tum se mil kar humein rona tha
Boht rona tha, boht rona tha
Tang-e waqt-e mulaqat ne
Warna kiya baat thi, Kis baat ne

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