Polandball *Premium* 1.1 APK MOD

Polandball *Premium* 1.1 APK MOD

Description of Polandball *Premium* на Андроид бесплатно

Polandball, one and only real polish ball in the entire World ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) There is no other countryball like the Polandball!
Enjoy your journey as Polandball and explore fantastic world of countryballs!
Collect different powerups and items:


    • Polish vodka (polska wódka) – respected by the connoisseurs, used by the masses. Vodka from Poland is known to cause deep psychoactive trips (time distortion included!). Use with caution. 18+ 😉


    • Polish sausage (polska kiełbasa) – no one wants to know how it is made, but every Polandball eats it with pleasure. When hungry Polandball ingest the sausage it will feel instant stress relief…


    • Polish dumplings (polskie pierogi) – most powerful of all powerups. All Polandballs love dumplings. Their soft skin and warm, mushy feelings seduce all Polandballs. Real magic kicks in right after dumpling consumption – in seconds ordinary Polandball transforms into bravest, unstoppable husar! Hussars were great Polish warriors, recognizable by their majestic wings and deadly impact on the battlefield. Besides all that, you will earn more points than usual!


Receive points for collecting items and powerups.
When you reach enough points your Polandball will transform into unstoppable husar warrior!
More points = faster & longer husar transformation

Compete with your friends, be first on the leader board. Enjoy sweet taste of the victory as the best Polandball player!

Did you know?
Did you know that real polish flag has white on the top and red on the bottom… so Polandball meme has it wrong… well, Polandball meme was made by the Germans… Yes, the same who started WW2 and invaded Poland. That mythical Nazis were Germans, ya know? #germandeathcamps So, maybe Polandball meme author didn’t know how Polish flag looks or maybe he did it on purpose. If on purpose then maybe he thinks it’s funny but if it’s otherwise, then it’s not funny at all. Please decide by your own and share your opinion in app comments section!
Either way, enjoy our game 😉
PS. Hungarian Friends update coming soon…



    • Different powerups, different special effects.


    • Explore world of many countryballs.


    • Switch camera view from 2D to 3D (and back to 2D).


    • Leader board.


    • Quick, unobtrusive ads. Ads free version is here: Polandball 3D Adventures *Premium*.


    • Immersive mobile gaming experience.


    • Polandball 3D Adventures is 100% Polish game (POLAND STRONG!)


    • No Polish or Hungarian people were harmed during production and testing of this game.


Play & Share & Enjoy

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

First version, enjoy!

App Information of Polandball *Premium*

App Name Polandball *Premium*
Package Name com.JollyFreeGames.PolandballPremium
Version 1.1
Installs 1+
Category Casual, Games


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