Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.7.2 APK MOD


“Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.7.2 APK MOD Latest Download”

we take a look at UPDATE 1.7.2 APK + Mod Download in LAST DAY ON EARTH SURVIVAL – HACK/CHEATS UNLIMITED MONEY/COINS For iOS NO JAILBREAK + Android Mod Apk No Root (Signed for Non-Rooted Phone), No Survey 1.7 Latest Version. How To Hack Last Day on Earth: Survival + Download links (iOS/ANDROID)


  • Removed holiday items except turkey and flare gun.
  • Complete raiders’ tasks to attack neighbours’ bases more often.
  • Now breaking 1 level walls makes less noise.
  • After a deal with Raiders other survivors will be able to attack your base for 24 hours.
  • Raiders can steal your stuff on others’ bases and bunkers.
  • Changed radio. Look for useful contacts on the correct frequency.

DOWNLOAD: Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.7.2 APK MOD

DOWNLOAD: Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.7.2 APK

Part 1. Santa’s assistant.

Recording №1.

It’s the very first time I’ve entered a building through the chimney. It’s not as funny as it seems in Christmas cartoons. Feels like my rib cracked. When I get up, my breathing stops, I can’t stand up straight. I cut my gym bag into pieces and made a bandage. Well, something like it… Probably, it’ll make walking easier.

Recording №2.

I’m recording this on a Dictaphone I found in the house. It was in Santa’s costume. It’s not a joke. There was a bit dusty, but warm Santa’s costume in the closet. There was a Dictaphone in its pocket. An old model with a cassette. I listened to it but the cassette turned out to be empty so I decided to record myself – anyway there is nothing else to do. So here it is – a Christmas survivor podcast.

Recording №3.

There is a box full of carrots in the basement. It’s all soft. If I was sure it’s Christmas Eve, I would joke about sexist presents this year. Damn, it hurts to laugh. I found an old calendar for 2018 and trying to figure out what date it’s today. Can’t say for sure but Christmas must be coming.

Recording №4.

God, I’m genius. It hurt to laugh yesterday and now I’m carrying the box of soft carrots from the basement today. I nearly can walk. The Dictaphone makes strange noises from time to time, there’s some yellow light above the cassette. Seems like my survivor podcast is going to fall into oblivion.

Recording №5.

Somebody was messing with the door lock this morning. I managed to hide in the basement through the pain but it turned out to be some boy. His name is Bradley, he is kind of a small exchanger. I got 2 painkiller pills and a battery for 20 carrots. When he first noticed my costume into the gap, he asked me what I had done to Santa. I said that I worked as his assistance but we had an argument… dunno why but then Bradley promised to bring me water. We found a common language and only after a small talk I realized that he didn’t really know what the real Christmas was and Santa was kind of a superhero for him.

Recording №6.

Started getting up and walking. The rib still hurts but less. Spending a lot of time in bed influenced my sleep patterns badly. Damn, I’m talking just like Dad.
Hopefully Bradley didn’t come while I was sleeping.
I got used to darkness and my eyes hurt when it’s daytime.

Recording №7.

I heard some noises near the house this night. Sounded like steps. I was sitting for a while staring at the forest. What if somebody tracked down Bradley when he came here? Or he reported me himself? But no, it appeared to be deer. A family of deer.

When it’s Christmas you just want to sit near the fireplace, give presents and hear your beloved people laughing. But looking after deer at 4 a.m. is also not that bad.

Recording №8.

There’s almost no more water in the can but it’s too dangerous to go outside. Bradley probably came when I was sleeping. Don’t know what to think… I wanna eat but even thinking of carrots makes my stomach rise.

Recording №9.

I discovered a note near the door, there also was a bottle of water. Bradley wrote: “ I come but you dedn’t opin. Then I coodn’t. Mine wonts to go sauth. I would cal you to come with us but you’d better stay in this bilding. It look sefe.”

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