Dinosaurs 3D: Bow and Arrow  MOD + APK

Dinosaurs 3D: Bow and Arrow MOD + APK

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This game is a 3d free dinosaur hunter game for lovers of dinosaur hunting and shooting game. Become a dinosaur hunter! Hunt all dinosaurs with bow and arrow.

Let’s take on bow to hand, put on arrows our quiver, scroll through the forest on horseback.
Ride your brown horse, enter into the wild life of dinosaurs. at african plain savanna. You have to kill wild dinosaurs. You do not die. You kill or you die. This is the rule in life of dino.

* Easy and very practical controls. usual joystick and two buttons.
* Real 3D hunter game, best archer with horse. Use your bow and arrows.
* Super cool egzotic landscape day. Light map and shadows.
* Gradual shoot system. Feel the air flow of arrows.
* Great sounds, animal sounds, bow sound, wind sound of arrow, etc.
* 5 different gameplay speed and difficulty. Slow to fast, easy to hard.
* Realistic dinos characters. They can run, escape, attack, kill, bite.
* 40 different simple to complex levels and missions, Types of dinosaurs each levels.
* Great sounds of dinosaurs.
* Realistic physics. Cool dino hunter / archer experience.
* Awesome flights of flying dinosaurs with realistic 3D phy codes.
* No blood, play bow and arrow game ithout any blood effect or blood action.
* Seamless incense particle system for arrows. To show the arrow route.
* Dinosaur species more than 10, only one ow and arrow and only single horse and bowman.
* Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus ,Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Pteranodon, Oviraptor etc..

Tyrannosaurus jura is a kind of carnivorous and hunting dinosaur that lived in the late decades.
They were such giant creatures that even their skulls had a diameter of at least one meter.
The legend of this dinosaur group, known as the tyrant king of lizards, is the most common breed of t.rex tyrannosaurus rex.

This dino with a name meaning fast thief, fifty centimeters in average weight of fifteen kg
It was a living creature with paint. The two-legged Velociraptors could run forty kilometers.
It was a very small dinosaur kind of carp that could run fast.

It is the largest dinosaur species that lived about ninety hundred million years ago. The northern African continent is eighteen meters in length, eight inches tall, from meat.
It is famous for its protruding shield extending from its back spine. They are known for their two-meter-long sail-shaped thorns.

A herbivorous species that lived sixty and seventy million years ago. They have even been hunting for the carnivorous tyrannosaurus.

This type of fossilization of Africa and northern america was found for the first time in western corolado. Greek arm and lizard words It’s gotten from the union.

Are the flying reptiles that lived in the mesozoic age. Instead of the tail, they used the fly to balance.
They had their hands on their wings and walked on the land four feet above.

It is a herbivorous diner that lived in northern America about a million years ago.
At an average of two tonnes, these dinosaurs are famous for their bunnies on their tail against carnivores.
There are two rows of shields on your back. His thorns in the swallow are pointed and deadly. T

It stands for the herbivorous species, the name stands for hard armored lizards. It is estimated that he lived seventy million years ago.There are two rows of thorns on his back and his armor is like armor.
The tail had a hard bone in the form of a knob.

It is an all-round species that can run at seventy kilometers per hour. This head, which is two meters long, has a head similar to a parrot and has a toothless gag.

* Each level you have 12 arrows and bow.
* For high score, you can play hard or fast game mode.
* For high score, Give priority to hunt Pteranodon.

App Information of Dinosaurs 3D: Bow and Arrow latest version download

App Name Dinosaurs 3D: Bow and Arrow
Package Name com.tokmak.dinosaurs
Rating ( 432 )
Size 32.5 MB
Requirement Android 2.3.2+
Installs 100,000+
Category Action, Games

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