即刻  APK (MOD, Unlocked)

即刻 APK (MOD, Unlocked)

Description of 即刻 на Андроид бесплатно

—— Y.T.

—— 璐璐璐璐璐璐999

—— 魏强


「极客公园InnoAwards 2017」获「年度用户体验」大奖
「豌豆荚设计奖」vol. 227 获奖应用
「极客公园InnoAwards 2015」获「最佳创业新星」


我们希望听到你的反馈,如果你有任何问题或建议,欢迎使用应用内的“小秘书”功能直接告诉我们,我们会在 App 里直接给你回复。



官方微信公众号:即刻 / jikeapp
I have removed the light of the other app will certainly leave immediately.
– Y.T.

Ever since instantly, microblogging uninstalled. Avoid a lot of useless information to see the time, all topics are concerned about their favorite and valuable.
– Lulu Lulu Lulu 999

If you feel that the news client flooded with spam, and felt circle of friends and microblogging too messy not to your taste, I do not know to find a simple and clear where the news software, it is possible that instantly made for you.
– Wei Qiang

“Immediately” is a vibrant selection of information community, have fun all the time, there is material news. From today’s hot popular interest only to care about you, “immediately” with carefully selected technology and wisdom, all-encompassing. If you are fed up with the title of the party and push garbage, I wanted to surprise a good thing, “immediately” is made for you.

“Geeks Park InnoAwards 2017” won the “Annual User Experience” Award
“Meizu Flyme” 2017 Top Ten Popular Application Award
“Pea pod design award” vol. 227 award applications
“Entrepreneurial state” 2016 “Innovation of the Year China top 100 growth companies.”
“Geeks Park InnoAwards 2015” was awarded “Best Venture Star”

how to use? Very, very simple ~ ~

Choose topics of interest, all the rest to immediately
It does not matter too lazy to subscribe to recommend pages every day, countless good-looking
Selected high-quality content sources so that you get the best information service
For different types of theme, chose freely switch push notifications
You are most concerned about the news, the first time push notifications
You care about, instantly tell you; 10 minutes a day, Aspect a good thing!
We want to hear your feedback, if you have any questions or suggestions, please use the “little secretary” function within the application to tell us, we will reply to you directly in the App.

There are no transactions are also welcome to contact us by e-mail or social networking platforms, each message we will read.

Feedback: jike@okjike.com
Business cooperation: business@okjike.com
Join us: hr@okjike.com

Official microblogging: @ immediately
No public official micro letter: immediate / jikeapp
Official Website: www.okjike.com
– 醒目!可以和即友聊天了!!
– 对不友善评论新增举报选项和判断提示机制
– 在个人主页右上角可以分享自己的即刻名片
– 同一条内容收到过多陌生人回复,可选择不再接受通知
– 可以搜索到动态了
– 其他细节优化和问题修复

App Information of 即刻

App Name 即刻
Package Name com.ruguoapp.jike
Rating 8.0 ( 1697 )
Size 11.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.2+
Installs 10,000+


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